10 month of pregnancy

At the 10th month of pregnancy, the fetus reaches its final stage of development and the woman gives birth.

The fetus at 37 and 38 weeks

At the 37th and 38th week of pregnancy the fetus has a CRL of about 34-36 cm and has a firm grip.

The fetus at the 39th and 40th week of pregnancy

In recent weeks:

  • The newborn weighs on average between 3.2 and 3.6 kg and, (with extended legs) is between 46 and 56 cm long.
  • Almost all the fluff is gone, as is the vernix caseosa, or caseous varnish, a white, waxy substance that covers its skin.
  • It is a common thing for newborns to have a fluff that disappears in the first months of life.

You will probably give birth during this time.

Symptoms during the 10th month

At the end of pregnancy, your uterus expanded from the pelvis to the bottom of the rib cage.

The symptoms of pregnancy in the tenth month depend largely on when the fetus descends into the lower part of the uterus.

  • Usually when the fetus drops, shortness of breath, heartburn and constipation improve.
  • The position of the fetus lower in the pelvis causes frequent urination (peeing) and problems withholding urine (peeing).

Your cervix will begin to open – dilate – to prepare for childbirth.

  • This can happen a few weeks before delivery or it could begin when labor begins.
  • You may feel sharp pains in your vagina as your cervix dilates.

After childbirth, the placenta and other tissues also leave the body.

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