8 month of pregnancy

During the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus reaches about 28 centimeters and begins to fall out its fluff (the fine and soft hairs that cover its body).

The fetus during the 29th and 30th week

During the 29th and 30th week of pregnancy:

  • The fetus has a cephalo-rachidian length – CRL – of about 27 cm.
  • In a male fetus, between weeks 30 and 34 usually the testicles begin to descend into the scrotum from the abdomen.
  • This fact is usually completed by 40 weeks of pregnancy.

The fetus during the 31st and 32nd week

During the 31th and 32th week of pregnancy:

  • The fetus has a cephalo-rachidian length – CRL – of about 28 cm.
  • The lanugo begins to fall.

Symptoms of pregnancy at the eighth month

  • You may feel tired and have difficulty breathing as your uterus grows upwards.
  • You may have varicose veins — swollen blue or red veins more often in your legs — or you may have hemorrhoids — varicose veins of the rectum.
  • Hemorrhoids can be painful and itchy and can cause bleeding.
  • You may also have stretch marks where your skin has expanded.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions, heartburn and constipation may continue.
  • You may urinate a little when you sneeze or laugh because of the pressure of the uterus on your bladder.
  • During this stage of pregnancy hormones can make your hair look “fuller” and healthier.

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